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History of St. Peter Lutheran Church
     of Fair Haven, Michigan

Nearly 150 years ago, a group of German-American Farmers came together to form a Christian Congregation named St. Peter's Lutheran Church. They did this so that the saving Gospel might be preached and taught among them and passed on to future generations. 

We thank God for our years of unity and grace as we have shared the Word and Sacraments in the fellowship of our Congregation! 


Growth Continues

1941 - 1979

The Ladies Aid Society sponsored dinners, bake sales, and bazaars to aid in the growth of the church including:

Building a garage in 1941

Remodeled sacristy 1947

  and much more over the years!


In the Beginning...

1880 - 1897

The schoolhouse doubled as a church. Although the school closed in 1912, the building continued to be used for church activities until it was moved in 1964.


Church has been built...


The Church was ready for services come February 7th, 1897. Pastor Harrer preached within the newly built church until 1903

Reverends through the years...


Rev. C. Albert Harrer

1891 - 1903


Rev. Alfred Lussky

1918 - 1919


Rev. Frederick W. Bublitz

1923 - 1939


Rev. Edward W. Schade

1939 - 1945


The Choir was originally started in 1913 under Reverend Miller. In 1951 the Choir was expanded to include an Adult Robed Choir & a Children's Choir. In 1970 the choir expanded to include men's voices! 

The Youth Group was established around 1912 and would be active on and off for many years. The group provided a variety of opportunities for the Youth of the congregation including volunteering with the local town and around the church grounds. 

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