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Church Activities & Groups

If interested in joining, please reach out to Pastor Hoerr directly and he'll point you in the right direction to get the ball rolling! 

Ladies Aid


Mens Group


Faith Friends

This is a newer activity within St. Peter Lutheran, and was started in September 2022 by our Sunday School Director. 

Adults within our Congregation volunteer to be a Faith Friend with one of our Sunday School Members. Throughout the school year the volunteers with provide 'Secret Pal' gifts to their Faith Friend. The children loved the experience and our volunteers were able to get to know the children of our congregation better. 

We have plans to continue this each Sunday School year. 


Fellowship Team

Each Sunday we enjoy, immediately after service, Fellowship with our Pastor and fellow Congregates. 

We serve Coffee, Tea, and Doughnuts and welcome any new comers to enjoy the fellowship time, or provide the goodies for others to enjoy! 

Alter Guild

St. Peter Lutheran provides Communion every Sunday with the Altar Guild assisting in the clean-up following service. Clean-up is very simple and all are welcome to volunteer. 


Whether you can read music or not, we welcome all! The choir meets on Thursday, during the school year, from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. 

Pastor Hoerr leads the group through learning the music that enhances our services through the year! 

Sunday School

We are always looking for new Adult Volunteers to assist with our Sunday School Classes. Classes are on Sundays during service, during the school year. We'll provide the teaching guides and assistance for all who volunteer. 


Scrap Booking Club

Our Scrap Booking Club is once a month on Fridays throughout the year. If interested in joining, please reach out to Pastor Hoerr for additional details. 

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